Woof: NY Dog Film Festival Romps in LA

A pair of furry film programs, set to screen in Beverly Hills, will help raise funds for Michelson Found Animals.

How exactly do you explain a movie you've just seen to a friend who wasn't there?

You might use your hands to convey exciting car chases. Or you could sing certain parts of the plot, if the movie was a musical, or you might employ a host of facial expressions to let the other human in the room know how deeply you connected with the characters.

But telling your dog about a film? Once you walk in the door? That's a totally distinct skill set, though it is one many a pup-obsessed person has developed, especially if you need to share the cinematic story with your at-home canine.

Best burnish those after-telling skills if you attend the NY Dog Film Festival, a one-day-only event woofing at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills on Saturday, Aug. 5.

Dogs can't attend — this is an event for people to attend, not pooches — though they'll absolutely be the guests of honor, in spirit, for the evening. (Hounds of honor? Yes, hounds of honor.)

Michelson Found Animals will receive part of the proceeds, with each $15 ticket, and that's a per-program ticket, going to help the pet adoption, micro-chipping, and spaying and neutering efforts overseen by the Culver City-based organization.

On the screen? A pair of Fido-fun programs beginning at 5 o'clock on Aug. 5. "Outdoors and Adventures with Dogs" is up first, followed by "Who Rescued Whom?" at 7 in the evening.

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If you'd like to attend both, the cost is $30. What to expect? Settle in for a "... medley of documentary, animated and live-action short canine-themed films from around the world."

Arf arf.

Actually, "arf arf" might be a helpful set of vocal terms to call upon when you describe to your dog, after you return home, all of the woofly wonders you saw on screen. 

Since he can't attend, you can bring home some of the joy you felt in the WGA Theater.

And don't forget to tell him how your ticket is going to help other animals who need a leg up, something he would surely support, given that dogs are rightly famous for loving everything everywhere all the time with full and admirable force.

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