“World’s Largest Thermometer” Renovated, Relit

The giant thermometer is a roadside attraction for tourists traveling on Interstate 15 between Southern California to Las Vegas.

Getty Images

A giant thermometer rising from the Southern California desert is once again a beacon for tourists headed to and from Las Vegas.

The roadside attraction off Interstate 15 in Baker was relit Thursday after a top-to-bottom renovation.

The July 10 date is significant: it was on the same day in 1913 that the hottest official temperature on Earth was recorded in Death Valley.

Willis Herron built the thermometer to a height of 134 feet to match that record.

Herron's widow, Barbara, says it made her sad to see the Baker landmark -- billed as the "World's Largest Thermometer" -- fall into disrepair in recent years.

Her family took it over again, aiming to make its 5,000 light bulbs glow once more -- although they've now been replaced with energy-saving LEDs.

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