‘World's Tallest Christmas Tree' Arrives at Citadel Outlets

The live-cut shrub will soon twinkle with over 18,000 LED lights and 10,000 ornaments.

What to Know

  • Arriving on Tuesday, Oct. 23
  • World's Tallest Live-Cut Christmas Trees
  • Saturday, Nov. 10 is free tree lighting and concert

Can the neighbors see your Christmas tree if they stand across the street?

Can you see the Christmas tree at your office or the local park if you're down the block?

Both impressive, for sure, but then Christmas trees can be quite sizable, and sparkly, and depending on how baubled-out they are, the fabulous firs can be spotted from a good distance away.

But there is really only one tree that can be seen way down the 5 Freeway, and we're not even sure if one "way" is enough. So make that way, way, way down the 5, just a short drive southeast of downtown Los Angeles: It's the World's Largest Live-Cut Christmas Tree, a seasonal staple at Citadel Outlets.

And while Christmas tree lightings don't start before November, at least for the time being, the mega trees of Southern California do need to arrive well in advance of the eleventh month, in order that a team may properly situate, set up, and decorate the superstar shrub.

And such a superstar is due at Citadel Outlets on Tuesday, Oct. 23. That's when the 110-foot white fir, which hails from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and was sourced by Victor's Custom Christmas Trees, arrives, well over two weeks ahead of its Nov. 10 lighting celebration.

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A few things to know about this branchy beauty? Well, the branches, for one, serve as one conversational point. Some had to be removed at the base, for the tree's journey to Los Angeles, but those'll be "reaffixed" in the days ahead.

A dozen trees were planted where this giant once stood. And as far as selecting a tree goes? It was "near the end of its lifespan," and its removal "... is part of an important forest manicuring process that frees up forest space for smaller trees and keeps the forest healthy."

Should you visit for the Nov. 10 Tree Lighting Concert, you'll spy some 10,000 ornaments on the magnificent behemoth and over 18,000 LED lights.

Lights and ornaments that, yes, will mean it may be seen, or at least its upper portion, from rather far down the Golden State Freeway.

Appearing at the Nov. 10 event? Look for Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson of "American Idol," pop artish John Lindahl, and The All-American Boys Chorus.

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