‘World's Tallest Live-Cut Christmas Tree' Rises at the Citadel

A sky-high fir is now holding court near the 5; the free tree-lighting party is up on Nov. 9.

What to Know

  • Citadel Outlets
  • Nov. 9 tree lighting
  • Free to see

It seems as though we're only just extinguishing the battery-powered tea lights inside our jack o'lanterns when the first tree-lighting parties of the year flicker to life.

The two events, the conclusion of Halloween and the start of Christmastime, aren't quite that close, all told, but they do stand only days apart, at least around Southern California.

Take the mega fir that just arrived at Citadel Outlets, the shopping center just a pinch southwest of downtown LA, off the 5 freeway.

Nope, it isn't yet shimmering nor glimmering, but the towering tree did show up at the store-packed destination on Oct. 23, more than a week before Halloween 2019.

Which means that, yes, may see the tippy-top of the stupendous shrub, from a distance, if you're driving either way on the Golden State Freeway.

The grand lighting ceremony happens on Saturday, Nov. 9, which means that crews are busily decorating at the moment. And they do have a lot of tree to decorate, for this specimen is billed as the "World's Largest Live-Cut Christmas Tree" is truly gargantuan. 

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The white fir is 115 feet high, which means that it "(s)tands more than twice as tall as the letters of the Hollywood Sign."

That's a lot of tree to glitz up over just the span of a single fortnight, plus a couple of days.

The colossal fir hails from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and, for sure, "replacement trees" are now growing where it once stood.

The Nov. 9 tree-lighting is free, by the way, and always popular, so arriving early is recommended.

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