Yay for ‘Put an Egg on Everything' Day at Smorgasburg LA

Or most of everything: The outdoor foodie market will celebrate Easter in the eggiest way possible.

Smorgasburg LA/Jonathan Knowles

It's true that "eggy" may sound almost like "edgy," but the two concepts couldn't be more different.

Edgy things might be avant-garde, provocative, and deliciously over the top, while eggy items are rich, abundant, lush and/or custardy. (Now that we think of it, "custardy" should be a common way to describe optimal situations as well as meal types.)

But sometimes edgy and eggy can meet in the most wonderful ways, specifically at appetizing extravaganzas, and if also happens to be Easter? The whole eggy/edgy shebang feels all the more marvelous and celebratory, no yolk.

Er, joke.

Smorgasburg LA has become known for its avant-garde goodies, the creatively stacked sandwiches, nummy noodle bowls, and topping-laden doughnuts that browse-arounders have loved snacking upon since the market opened in 2016.

Now the outdoor foodie market, which joyfully returned to its every-Sunday schedule earlier in 2022, is ready to put oodles of eggs on and in bunches of fascinating foods, on Sunday, April 17.

Which is, yes, Easter Day.

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The weekly event, which features over 80 vendors, is hosting "Put an Egg on Everything Day," and while eggs might not top all of the fanciful foodstuffs you encounter, you'll see the protein-rich superstars starring in plenty of tempting comestibles.

Those will include an egg-topped bungkus, made by Bunkgus Bagus, and Be Bright Coffee's Vietnamese egg coffee. Chilaquile burritos from Evil Cooks (a collaboration with Los Dorados) and Picnic Sandwich's breakfast sandwich are two more egg-strong offerings to check out.

Entry to Smorgasburg LA is free, there's a family-fun atmosphere, and a beer garden, too.

But your furry one? All pups should be left at home.

"Put an Egg on Everything Day" gets scrambling at 10 a.m. on April 17, and the proverbial griddles will cool down by 4 o'clock.

Finding these eggs? You won't need a colorful basket or a bunny pointing the way: ROW DTLA is located at 777 S. Alameda Street.

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