Yorkie Love: Marathon Podcast Fundraiser

"The Movie Crypt" will roll on over three days in early August, all to help the wee tail-waggers.

Fundraisers for Fidos are as famously varied and quirky as dogs themselves.

Some organizations throw wash-and-trim-a-thons to raise funds for pups in need, other groups host beach bashes, and some hound-loving humans go the neighborhood yard sale route.

But a weekend-long marathon podcast, one built around an abiding affection for the movie biz, is truly a stand-out entry in the dogly do-gooder category. Of course, fans of the popular GeekNation podcast "The Movie Crypt" know that hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch love Lassies something fierce, so much so that Mr. Green's pooch Arwen has become as much as part of the LA-based podcast as the in-depth film gab.

Now the filmmaking duo, known for their acting/producing/everything work on the television series "Holliston" in addition to other horror-themed projects, is giving back to the canine community via a Save a Yorkie Rescue fundraiser.

Arwen, by the by, is indeed a Yorkshire Terrier, perhaps the most famous and accomplished Yorkshire Terrier currently working in modern podcasting, if one might surmise so boldly.

Will the marathon podcast, which runs live from 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 5 through 7 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 7, cover about all things celluloid? Arf, as Arwen might say, affirmatively.

Will Save a Yorkie Rescue be discussed, and all of the good things the organization does, from providing wee tail-waggers with medical treatment to finding pups "permanent, safe, and loving homes"?

That would be another Arwen-style arf.

And can listeners donate to the rescue organization while enjoying a host of "celebrity artists," people who will swing by to chat with Mr. Lynch and Mr. Green about moviedom and all of its maddening magnificence? That's the general plan.

Er, we mean "arf."  

Dogs aren't yet hosting podcasts on their own, nor are they making merrily macabre movies, but our pups do join us as we turn on the podcasts we like, and plop down upon the couch to catch a film.

So lending some love via a popular film podcast seems like a way to give back to our constant companions, the canines who remain at our sides through every podcast and movie we enjoy.

Good luck to "The Movie Crypt," and to Arwen, too. May many other tiny Yorkies benefit from your huge heart.

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