You Can Book a ‘Creepy Cabana,' With a Queenly View, in Long Beach

Fuego's "semi-private" spot has seasonal decorations and an eerie eye on the Queen Mary.

Hotel Maya – a DoubleTree by Hilton

What to Know

  • The Creepy Cabana at Fuego; Oct. 12 through Nov. 2, 2022
  • The Hotel Maya is accepting reservations for the offbeat dining area, which boasts a view of the oh-so-haunting Queen Mary
  • Reservations require a deposit; there will also be a required minimum on the food and beverages you purchase; up to 12 people allowed

When we think of the celebrated haunted attractions of the Halloween season, our mind first alights upon the haunted house, the most classic of the frightful fall locations.

But in Los Angeles, creative types famously think bigger, stranger, quirkier, and more local when autumn arrives.

Ghostly theme parks, ghoulish gardens, whimsical water-close events, and other haunted happenings show a specific Southern California flair, thanks to their al fresco addresses and ability to look well outside of the expected October perimeters to something more specific to our area.

It makes sense then that the cabana, a sunny, pool-adjacent sight you'll find at a number of regional hotels, would soon make its eerie entry into this space.

And now it has: Fuego, at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, just unveiled its Creepy Cabana, an outdoor nook that's been decorated in all sorts of wicked cobwebs, elegant candelabras, flickering candles, and the sort of plush pillows you might find in Dracula's abode.

The crowning detail of this cabana, which made its dastardly delightful debut on Oct. 12, isn't found within the snug space but rather across the water.

For in the near distance? It's the Queen Mary, the fabled ocean-liner that's said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States, and possibly the world.

You can gaze upon this spirited ship as you sup and sip from the Fuego menu (there's a minimum on food and drink orders to book the cabana, a good thing to ponder before booking). And putting a deposit down, if you'd like to spend time in the Creepy Cabana before it shudders, er, shutters on Nov. 2?

You'll need to do that, too.

"Fuego's 'Creep Cabana' sets the tone for the Halloween season and gives guests and team members something truly scary and unique to experience," said Greg Guthrie, General Manager at Hotel Maya - a DoubleTree by Hilton.

"We are also grateful to be able to celebrate that time with families and friends as they honor their loved ones during Día de Los Muertos."

Nov. 1 and 2 will be full of festive doings at Fuego, with live music, sugar skull painting, and plenty of muertos-centered merriment.

If you'd like to dine upon Latin-inspired dishes during the Día de los Muertos celebrations while cozily ensconced in the Creepy Cabana, be sure to book early.

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