You Can Make Walt's Chili at Home, Disney Fans

Disneyland Resort shared its recipe to the popular Carnation Café dish in honor of the theme park's 65th anniversary.

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • The Disneyland blog just shared the recipe for Walt's Chili
  • The dish was a favorite of Walt Disney
  • Free recipe

So you aspire to be like Walt Disney?

You know that you'll need to keep your hopes high and your vision vast. You get that you'll need to work tirelessly in the direction of your goals, while working with some to the imaginative innovators around.

And dreaming big? Essential, in the aspiring-to-be-like-Walt playbook.

But there are some day-to-day ways you can emulate the park-building, cartoon-creating, smile-bringing legend. For instance? Mr. Disney delighted in classic bowls of chili, the kind of stews full of beans and spices and meat, too.

Carnation Café, found on Main Street, U.S.A. inside Disneyland park, has served Walt's Chili for years, a tasty homage to the park founder's favorite hearty lunch.

The most famous theme park in the world is temporarily closed, but you can still enjoy a bowl of Walt's Chili, if you're game to make the dish in your own kitchen.

For the recipe just popped up on the official Disneyland blog on July 17, in honor of the park's 65th anniversary.

The team behind the blog revealed the recipes for Mr. Disney's beloved chili first appeared in the archives in 1958, meaning it has long been a savory staple in the company commissary.

Now it can be a staple in your own home, thanks to this easy-to-follow recipe. On the ingredients list?

Look for plum tomatoes, onion powder, and other chili-ready additions.

Ah yes, and the crucial and crunchiest final touch: Saltines on the side, or crushed on top.

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