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You Can Now Dine Atop The Grove's Famous Green Trolley

Bistro 1759, a new dining experience, gives guest the chance to enjoy a meal while traveling by trolley through the outdoor shopping center.

The Grove

What to Know

  • Bistro 1759 is an outdoor dining experience atop The Grove's trolley
  • The trolley moves through the outdoor shopping center at a slow pace while guests savor sashimi, cocktails, and more on the trolley's upper level
  • Groups up to 10 people; price starts at $1,000 per experience

Munching while on the move?

You've likely done it. Perhaps you chomped on some chips while seated inside car, popped a few peanuts on a plane, or devoured a yummy cookie while a parent pulled you around the neighborhood in a little red wagon.

But sitting down to a tablecloth'd meal atop an old-school trolley? The sort of on-the-go, track-following mode of transportation that slowly and grandly conveys people from one sightseeing spot to the next?

That is, we'll guess, a spectacular supping moment that hasn't yet made your "moving vehicles I've been on while eating" list.

That could all change, starting on May 18, when The Grove's famous green trolley transforms into the newest dining hot spot in town.

Well, the upper level of the trolley is making that tony transformation.

The new "one-of-a-kind private culinary adventure," which is available for parties of up to 10 people, is called Bistro 1759 (a number that's a birthday-inspired Easter egg for Rick Caruso's company, which is the outfit behind the outdoor shopping destination).

The menu for this airy excursion? It's a four-courser from Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill. Dishes could include Spicy Tune on Crispy Rice, Sashimi Platters, and other decadent desserts, too.

Vinos, brews, and a selection of sakes will be available, as will a number of craft cocktails, too.

As for the amount of time you'll spend atop the trolley? Plan on 90 minutes, from being seated to your final group photo.

The scene beyond the trolley's brass railings? The Grove's much-photographed Dancing Fountain is one of the splashy sights diners will see, as well as the shops and restaurants that line that route.

As for the electric-powered conveyance that is the setting for your special occasion?

The trolley is built upon the "historic undercarriage of a 1950s Boston street car," and has been traveling The Grove's built-for-pedestrians First Street since the mid-city mall, which is located next to the Original Farmers Market, opened in 2002.

If you haven't seen the trolley slowly parading by the businesses of The Grove, back and forth, you've likely seen it resting "at home," near the east end of the shopping center, where it has its own grandly designed garage.

“Our philosophy at Caruso has always been grounded in community and sparking joy,” said Rick Caruso, Founder and CEO of Caruso. “For so many in Los Angeles, The Grove is a beloved gathering place, and Bistro 1759 is yet another way for us to honor our commitment to surprising and delighting our guests.

To me there’s nothing better than spending quality time with those closest to me, and after a year where so many of us have been forced apart, it’s a privilege to introduce something that will bring us back together.”

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