Your Selfie, on a Pancake

Are you simply enjoying selfies on the screen of your phone? Go beyond (and into batter).

Pancake Selfie Express

Right now, in multiple places around the globe, someone is holding up their phone for someone else, the better to display a favorite snapshot that the phone-holder snapped of their own face.

The selfie, as a word, an idea, a lifestyle, and a calling, is here to stay, but how selfies spring into being has stayed pretty consistent and fairly predictable, since the advent of the deliverer of all selfies, the smart phone: We view our self portraits on small screens.

And, occasionally, pancakes. That is, of course, if you make a date to locate the Holiday Express "Pancake Selfie Express" tour vehicle when it brakes, and makes pancakes, near you.

The blue pancake-making, selfie-taking mobile is making for San Diego, Long Beach, and Los Angeles in the second half of September, with a first stop in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter from Sept. 17 through 19.

If you've stayed at a Holiday Express, and eaten breakfast in the hotel, you know the instant pancake makers that show up on the breakfast bar. The selfie-meets-pancake tour, which is covering nine cities, is all in support of "The Stack Station," the hotel chain's one-touch pancake machine.

Of course, if you want your photo on a disc of cooked batter, you best find where the Pancake Selfie Express is stopping. The edible snapshots are only available on the tour. (Yep, comedian Rob Riggle is behind this syrup-ready brand of merriment, as he's recently partnered with the company on various projects.)

The whole shebang will take about five minutes, from photo-snap to done pancake. And, for sure, there is a "state of the art" printer involved in putting your likeness on warm golden batter goodness.

Will selfies start to show up on other foods? Will we eat selfie steaks? Will we consume photo potato chips? Really, the time is nigh for our small screen self-portraits to break bigger and break tastier.

So where's the Pancake Selfie Express headed next? Tie your napkin around your neck and keep watch here.

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