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You're in the Story at the Dazzlingly Interactive ‘Delusion'

It's nearly sold out, but there's still time to find "The Blue Blade" at this atmospheric autumn treat.

What to Know

  • Sept. 20 through Dec. 16
  • Mid-city area
  • $95 plus fee

You don't need to ponder for too long on the topic of whether people like to enter fantasy worlds, because here's your answer: They absolutely, vigorously, and passionately do.

From cosplay at conventions to spooky theme park mazes to medieval festivals to escape rooms, strange and wild universes sprout around Southern California on a fairly regularly basis, as do the chances to become part of a story.

And few fantastical, enter-this-world events have captivated people seeking a transformative experience like "Delusion," the falltime interactive theater that has popped up 'round these fantasy-loving parts for a half decade now, plus a year.

Which means that the super-popular, highly atmospheric, step-into-the-story event is returning for year number six, to the mid-city area of LA, and, as in years gone by, tickets have flown as fast as a gasp.

But spots do remain for the run, which will shine like a blade, a blue blade, in fact, on select nights from Sept. 20 through Dec. 16, 2018.

Indeed, creator Jon Braver's "The Blue Blade," the intriguingly titled 2018 iteration of "Delusion," has tempted ticket buyers so strongly that what might be seen as a Halloweentime event is pushing all the way to the yuletide, or nearly.

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So what can you know, without spoilers flooding your pre-enjoyment?

You'll be in a group of eight adventurers inside the new tale, which is described as an "...'Indiana Jones' meets 'Blade Runner'-style experience." It's an experience that "... invites its guests to a present-day world left erratic since the disappearance of the rare artifact, The Blue Blade."

A lot is riding on you, as "the fate of time and space hang in the balance." Eeps.

Better find the fabled blade with your tenacious team, all while dipping deeply into immersive thrills along the way. The kind of thrills that are only delivered when you're standing inside a story, and not looking in from some distant spot.

A ticket is $95, plus fees, and there are still 2018 nights open. But not for long: Many people will be searching for "The Blue Blade," so best add your name to the list soon, brave and true voyager.

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