You're Inside the Story at the ‘Crimson Cabaret'

The immersive pop-up is offering music, adventure, and intrigue through New Year's Eve.

What to Know

  • Through Dec. 31 (select nights)
  • $95-$145
  • 747 Salem Street in Glendale

Stepping into a storybook?

It's a scenario we see again and again around Christmastime, at least when it comes to the tales created for children.

But what if there was a thrill-deep yarn made for adults, and it had some re-imagined history, and stylish world-building, and more intrigue than you can shake a cocktail shaker at?

Then you'd be entering the "Crimson Cabaret," a pop-up experience now singing/plotting/spying/secret-agent-ing in Glendale.

Guests at the cabaret are transported back to the Berlin of the 1960s during the nighttime production, but it isn't a passive, sit-back-and-watch kind of engagement.

"During 'Crimson Cabaret' guests will engage with secret agents and be slipped notes with assigned missions to complete throughout the evening," is the word from the world-builders behind this captivating caper.

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The songs adding to the suspenseful soundtrack are originals, while the spirited libations hearken back to the drinks of the decade.

And behind the curtain of this twisty, stay-sharp lark? The Unmarked Door, a company actively incorporates audiences, in a host of clever ways, in a host of immersive experiences.

No one would dare say that live holiday fare gets too sticky and sweet by the middle of December, but there are times when you need something that's a bit more layered, rather more spiky, a stage show from the grown-up side of the seasonal continuum.

If you're a buff of spy flicks, of old-school cabaret, and of unknotting tangled narratives, ferret out a ticket, faster than it takes to say a secret password through a small door window, now.

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