Yule Be Sweet on Pitchoun!'s Lovely Logs

Act fast and secure one of these festive and quirky creations for your holiday table.

What to Know

  • Pitchoun!
  • Order through Dec. 20
  • Themed logs, like the Kauai and the Aspen

Gently waged quibbles are an understandable staple of the sparkliest season, for we're all feeling a bit more heightened, a bit more pushed, very busy and undoubtedly tired.

Those quibbles might deal with the ideal Christmas movie, or whether it is "legal" or not to open more than one present on Christmas Eve, and if candy is an appropriate breakfast while opening gifts.

Then, of course, there is the age-old, or at least decades-along, debate regarding yule logs, those creamy, cakey, tube-shaped, frequently chocolate-y concoctions that pop up in bakery windows around the second half of December.

Yea or nah: Does a yule log actually need to resemble a log-log, as in the hunk of wood that sits in a fireplace?

Let the gentle quibbling commence.

If you stand in the more fanciful and artistic camp on this topic, be gladdened, for Pitchoun!, the French-style patisserie found in DTLA and Beverly Grove, is baking up lovely logs that boast a whimsical bent.

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There's the Kauai yule log, which includes mango fruit gelée, passionfruit chocolate ganache, pistachio jocund biscuit, and caramel pearls. 

And the Aspen yule log is all about the chocolate ganache, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate "choux" puffs, and coco biscuit.

The Mont Blanc yule log is for chestnut lovers, so if that's your jam, best go that route. And there's a traditional yule log, too, if you're feeling the sponge cake and butter cream combo.

You'll want to phone the bakery lickety-split, though, and order one of these logs, by Dec. 20: Christmas is coming and the time for loggin' up your dessert table will soon draw to a delicious close.

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