Yup, This Is Mammoth's ‘Snowiest May on Record'

Don't break out the hiking/biking gear just yet, for the mountains are full of extreme spring snowflakeage.

What to Know

  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Skiing open through July 7, 2019
  • Check out the resort's Memorial Day Weekend savings

May may be Gray down in the lower, Pacific-close regions of the Golden State, but up among the Sierra Nevada's most striking peaks?

It's way snowy, as in way, way snowy, as in the "SNOWIEST MAY ON RECORD."

Mammoth Mountain understandably went the all-caps route in reporting the just-set record, which is impressive, indeed.

The ski destination shared the caps-worthy news on social media on May 24, which, we don't need to point out, isn't even the end of the month yet.

Could Mammoth see even more flurry action before May's days are done? There's a bit more snow in the forecast, for the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.

But as it stands now, the Mono County resort has seen 29 inches of snow over the first three weeks, plus three days, of May 2019. That amount bests its last snowiest May, which happened in 2015.

While 29 inches doesn't approach the usual sizable snowfalls of January or February around Mammoth, it is incredibly eye-popping for a month that comes before the month when summer begins. 

And speaking of summer?

There shall be skiing, oh yes, at least for the first few weeks. Mammoth Mountain will remain open to the schuss set through Sunday, July 7, a decision made by the resort in early February 2019.

Will all of this May White push that end date even further? The resort has skied into early August before, as recently as 2017.

One other record to report, or second-place record, which is absolutely applause-able: As of mid-May 2019, Mammoth had "... received the second most snow in the country this winter."


Stay tuned, and enjoy your winter-flavored spring fun up on the mountain. Oh, and there are Memorial Day Weekend deals to be had, if you're planning on being a part of Mammoth Mountain's "SNOWIEST MAY ON RECORD."

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