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One Day of Wet Weather Expected in SoCal Sunday

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Cooler temperatures and cloudy skies on Saturday are likely to give way to a bit of rain on Sunday.

The low clouds probably won't produce rain until just past midnight on Sunday, and much of Southern California will likely only see drizzle. However, some areas, such as Long Beach and Irvine, may have light to moderate rain in the early hours of the day, with light showers hanging around Southern California into the afternoon.

"As we get into the afternoon hours for tomorrow, we'll actually add just a little bit of additional 'lift,' if you will, into the equation," said NBCLA Meteorologist David Biggar. "That might produce a little bit more in the way of some heavier showers, but aside from that it's all relatively light."

Don't expect too much rain, though. The clouds will produce a 1/4 inch of rain at most, and areas more north, such as Ventura County, may end up remaining fairly dry.

Additionally, the rain is projected to be out of the area fairly quickly, with only the snowy mountains seeing precipitation by Monday morning.

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