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It's Just Not the Heat; It's the Humidity

Heat and humidity mix to create scattered showers



    It's Just Not the Heat; It's the Humidity

    Humidity and heat plagues Los Angeles and Southland residents. NBC4's Cary Berglund reports. (Published Friday, Aug. 26, 2011)

    It's not necessarily the heat. It's the humidity, too.

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    For Southern California, it is very hot. We are hitting the triple digits this week in the Inland Empire and some of the valleys. But, it's August -- middle of summer -- and it's supposed to be hot.

    But, what is throwing off some Southern Californians is that it feels wet. We're getting the humidity that East Coasters are used to. We usually get to enjoy the drier desert air, but now we have scattered showers here, there and everywhere.

    Weather Forecast: Friday August 26, 2011

    [LA] Weather Forecast: Friday August 26, 2011
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    (Published Friday, Aug. 26, 2011)

    "The weather is crazy. It's unpredictable. Hot, hot and hot," said one Glendora resident.

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    The combination of heat and humidity is what causes health officials to warn us to be wary. They say we should stay inside because this kind of wet, hot weather can be draining and exhausting.

    "It's hotter than hell. That's what it feels like to me," said another San Gabriel Valley resident.

    And, escaping this weather is not an option. The system coming up from the south is spreading up and down the coast in and out of the valleys and to the high and low deserts.

    And, if it hasn't rained on you yet, it will. Or, at least it will feel like you got a sprinkle or two.