A Beloved Mammoth Is Rocking Snow and a Big Bow

7 photos
Courtesy of MMSA, Christian Pondella
If the famous mammoth statue seen at the famous ski spot is wearing snow, it could be winter (though the white stuff has fallen during every season at Mammoth Mountain). But if this tusked gentleman is rocking a bow? No mystery there: It's Christmastime.
"Over the past 24 hours Mammoth Mountain has picked up 21-27” of new snow" shared a mountain representative on Dec. 23.
Snow continued to fall even after these morning photos were snapped.
"Expect operations in the coming days to be impacted by heavy wind and snow," said the resort team.
Mammoth's famous welcome sign wears wreaths and snowy splendor.
A pile-up of snow on a local roof tells the stormy story.
If you're planning on visiting Mammoth Mountain over the holiday weekend, check road conditions before departing for the Eastern Sierra, and be sure to travel with chains.
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