A California Road Trip Playlist That Can Be Enjoyed at Home

Visit California has created a song-filled Spotify experience for travelers, even those planning a future adventure from the couch.

Lars Johansson / EyeEm

SEARCHING FOR PORTALS? The doorways that lead to another way of being, thinking, existing, doing, loving, enjoying? Such magical passages seem like the stuff of stories, but most of us know that there's a portal deep within every song we love, every album we adore, every chorus we throatily sing with, wherever we happen to be. Music is transportive, an instant portal to another place, a sweep-us-away vehicle for the ears, heart, and mind. To help us find those portals, specifically the portals that relate to being on the road around the Golden State, there is a...

NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST... that Visit California just created for anyone who wants to give a listen, even if they aren't heading out onto the highways during the summer of 2020. The theme of the song-packed treat, which is rocking the title See You Soon? Well, "waiting" and "anticipation" and "missing you" are the vibes, with tunes by Tom Petty, Nu Shooz, Bruno Mars, and Chicago filling out the emotion-laden list. If you can't wait to be back on a California road trip, put it on and take a spin, on your screen, through some excellent, inspo-filled ideas right now. Highway One? Amazing Desert Oddities? Rim of the World Scenic Byway? They're all there, waiting for visitors again when the time is right.

AND... speaking of the time being right, keeping an eye on California travel advisories, as summer turns to fall, is as smart as a good song is full of soul.

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