A Famous Wildflower Hotline Is Back to Add Zing to Spring

The Theodore Payne Foundation will give bloom-seeking adventurers the info they're looking for, starting on March 12.

David McNew/Getty Images

What to Know

  • Begins March 12, 2021
  • New updates will post every Friday through May
  • The hotline is free to access; dial 818-768-1802 ext. 7

WILDFLOWER FANS? You'll never hear them saying "rain, rain, go away" during a wintertime storm, for they know that those drenching droplets are helping to power the petals that will eventually pop up and out in the springtime. But major moisture? It just wasn't to be for much of California in the months leading up to the 2021 wildflower season. And yet? Tiny sprigs do continue to boldly push up through the soil, and colorful patterns of brittlebush blossoms, bladdermallow, milkweed, and the many superstars of the Golden State's wildflower scene dot arid areas, waiting to be admired, even if a superbloom isn't due. Would some time in the sunshine, seeking out the splendid hues of wildflowers, elevate your heart and mind in the weeks ahead? Let the...

THEODORE PAYNE FOUNDATION... help you make that all-important nature connection. The foundation, which "... inspires and educates Southern Californians about the beauty and ecological benefits of California native plant landscapes," will again launch its popular wildflower hotline on Friday, March 12, giving flower followers the sorts of tips and details they need. The hotline will be refreshed each Friday right into May, so check back as the wildflower outlook can and does change with each passing day. The focus of the free service? To shine a happy and hope-filled light on "... the best locations for viewing spring wild flowers in Southern and Central California."

HELP FUTURE FLOWERS GROW STRONG: Of course, wherever you head, whether it is on public land or further afield, you'll want to stick to the path and always "(l)eave the flowers unharmed." Follow this path to the hotline page now, and get all of the information you need to find dazzling displays, be they big and bloomful or small and stunning, during the spring of 2021. And that hotline voice you hear? It's Emmy Award-winning actor Joe Spano, "the Voice of the Wild Flower Hotline."

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