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A Friday the 13th Tour Will Materialize in San Jose

The Winchester Mystery House is holding an evening event in honor of the eerie occasion.

Winchester Mystery House

A SPIRIT SHOWING UP? You can never count on that happening, even if you and your phantom-fancying friends have planned an event themed to the otherworld, a veil-raising affair that's all about getting ghosts to join your party. But fans of the realm beyond should never be too blue if vaporous guests are a no-show; there are other mysterious things that do materialize with some regularity. Halloween can be counted on to always show up on the 31st of October, for example, and a Friday the 13th? We're going to see at least one of those each year, and sometimes two or three. But like 2021, 2022 is a "onesie" year for the eeky occasion, and the haunting holiday is going to materialize in May, the last time it will do so this decade.

IF FRIDAY THE 13TH... is the sort of celebration you like to acknowledge, then you surely know one of the Golden State's main spots to Friday-the-13th-it-up. It's the Winchester Mystery House, the fabled and famously sprawling manor that offers an after-sunset, explore-the-abode flashlight tour on these special dates. And one is glimmering our way, on Friday, May 13th, 2022, giving lovers of a few chills and thrills, or at least people who'd like to look around the San Jose landmark at night, a rather unusual opportunity. It's a self-guided tour, so even if you've enjoyed a daytime visit, this roam-around will have a different atmosphere. You'll want to buy your ticket faster than it takes to point the beam of a flashlight at a shadowy corner or down a strange stairway.

THE FLASHLIGHT TOURS... are flickering from 9 to 11 o'clock, adventurers of the otherworld, and can sell out. Details? They're haunting this page.

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