A New Cruise Will Sail Around Ventura Harbor on Several Summer Evenings

The new Island Packers experience will set sail before sunset, giving ocean lovers a place to wind down on the water.

Dan Harding

What to Know

  • The new Evening Harbor Cruises from Island Packers will sail around Ventura Harbor on select summer Saturdays (as well as a couple of fall dates)
  • $18 adult; other ticketing tiers available
  • Guests can watch for sealife, admire the homes near the shore, sip vino, and take in part of the Ventura Keys

'TIS THE SEASON... for all sorts of sunset-hued, easy-breezy, no-worries-no-hurries happenings to pop up along the coast, those warm-weather experiences that take place out on the water, but not too far out on the water. It isn't too chilly these days and the wintry rains have mostly wrapped, which means we're looking to the ocean for a wind-down adventure that won't require a whole day or even most of a night. Island Packers, the ahoy outfit that has long provided a brisk and beautiful way to reach the Channel Islands by way of several well-appointed boats, is looking to connect landlubbers with an ocean experience timed to the Golden Hour. It's the brand-new...

EVENING HARBOR CRUISE, and it will pop up on select Saturdays throughout much of the summer and a bit of the early fall. Ventura Harbor is the place, meaning guests of the cruise will be able to soak in all sorts of sights, from seabirds to seals to sea lions to some of those incredible homes that sit near the waves. You'll also take in part of the Ventura Keys, giving you a vast and vibrant view of the picturesque area. Sipping vino while the stars come out? That can happen; there will be a place to purchase wine, beer, and several soft drinks on the boat. Bringing your camera along for some superb and splashy snaps? You are most welcome to do so. Do purchase your ticket for the hour-long cruise in advance; the price is $18 for adult admission.

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