A Sweet Apple Fest Is Like Autumn in August

The Sonoma County Farm Trails gathering is a weekend-long whimsy that's tart, bright, and full of flavor.

Daniela Simona Temneanu / EyeEm
  • Aug. 13 and 14, 2022
  • Sebastopol
  • Treats, tunes, arts, crafts, family fun

AUGUST IS A BRIDGE: Much like February can begin to feel a bit brighter at night, at least near the end of the short month, and November already has all of the holiday feels, and May may get hot, August can assume a lot of the qualities of autumn. True, those famous Dog Days seen (and felt) near the beginning of the eighth month are more fiery than fall-like, but there are also signs of the cooler season, from back-to-school sales to early bags of Halloween candy showing up in stores. But it doesn't feel fully fall-esque before the apples roll in, and the tangy treats that say the bundle-up part of the year is on its welcome way. Oak Glen traditionally kicks off its pomme-centered party at the start of September, and Julian, that acclaimed apple nexus, also begins its tart to-dos around then. But...

SONOMA COUNTY... traditionally launches the apple season in August, with the Gravenstein Apple Fair. The festival, which blossoms on August 13 and 14 in 2022, will feature all sort of crunchy goodness, with homespun happenings on the roster. Those include kid-cute activities, live tunes, cider for sipping, craft beer, and, oh yes, plenty of Gravensteins for munching. The Sonoma County Farm Trails team is behind the wholesome Sebastopol jamboree, an open-air affair that includes live music, and while there aren't the later-in-fall touches you might know from pumpkin patches, there is a sort of bridge-y quality to it, a path from summer to fall. If that is a pathway you're longing for as the long days grow warm, read up on the Gravenstein apple now, and this venerable, country-fied celebration.

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