A Ventura Holiday Tradition Will Rocket to Outer Space

Well, at least in theme: Ventura Harbor's beloved 2022 Parade of Lights will have a quirkily cosmic look.

Susan Vineyard

What to Know

  • Parade of Lights at Ventura Harbor
  • Free to see; Friday, Dec. 16 and Saturday, Dec. 17
  • "Out of This World!" is the 2022 theme

OCEAN, MEET THE UNIVERSE: You don't have to stretch too far to find true commonalities between the Big Water and the Vast Out There. The H2O-filled parts of our planet and the far-reaching corners of the cosmos are both filled with wonder, majesty, and mystery, and riding the science wave through both topics can give anyone a thrill. But finding those places where the splashy side of our home turf meets what's beyond the stratosphere isn't always simple, unless, of course, the holidays are near and a particular place chooses to cheerily wed the two concepts. And Ventura Harbor will merrily do just that when its popular Parade of Lights sails over two mid-December nights. True, all of California's famous boat parades are known for their light displays, but the Ventura two-nighter has a theme that'll make a sci-fi fan's heart take flight: Prepare to travel "Out of This World!" as you watch the festive vessels float by.

DEC. 16 AND 17... are the 2022 dates, it is free to see from several points around the harbor area, there will be fireworks (if the weather allows), and arriving early to enjoy the faux snow and check out the tot-cute games? You are invited to do so. The whole Ventura Harbor Village area will be in the celebratory swing earlier on both Dec. 16 and 17, as they are each day, meaning visitors are invited to dine, shop, pose in front of the photo-ready backdrops, and even try out a pedal boat. As for what you'll see on the yachts, kayaks, and other participating watercraft? Odes to aliens may appear, and sparkly spaceships, and a petite planet or two may grace the masts or bow (we're hoping for a few Saturn sightings). It's a quirky way to greet the longstanding favorite, and a way to stand out, as not every boat parade boasts a specific theme.

GET THE DETAILS NOW: For more on this space-tastic, splash-tastic celebration, float your boat by this site.

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