A Writer's Ojai Spa Getaway

A June event combines soaking and scribbling.

A COMMON REFRAIN: If you write, or know someone who does, you know the experience of being stressed about writing. What should be just about the world's most pleasurable experience can become fraught when you feel you have too many other things are on your plate that you should be attending to. (Hi, experience speaking.) And that stress? Yeah. It isn't so conducive to sitting down and dreaming up new worlds and characters. Which makes us think that maybe every writers' conference in existence should happen at or adjacent to a spa. Spend the better part of the day discussing the merits of keeping a journal or how one triumphs over writer's block and then take a dip in the pool or have the ol' shoulders massaged. Dream come true, right? The forward-thinking people at the Ojai Writers Conference are onto this, meaning they have created a lot of people's perfect getaway: the spa-writing workshop combo. 

SPA-TACULAR WRITING WEEK: We should have said "getaways," plural, before, not simply "getaway." The OWC actually has two sessions in the works, one from June 18 through the 22 and one from June 25 through the 29th. Foot-soaking, author's lectures, and chats about topics like journaling are on the bill. Oh, and if you want extra-nice spa treatments, like, say, a massage, you can get those for an additional fee. The days look perfectly loose but structured, which is how a lot of us would love to run our writing lives. So. Is the stress melting away? The tension over why you can never find time to create? Maybe this is the trip that can be your jumpstart in the whole time/stress management part of your writing life. For prices and details, read away, dear writer.

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