Accordion Fans, Cotati Is Home to a Bellows of a Bash

Music mavens will gather at the August event, one that celebrates the wheeze-tastic wonder in a host of musically marvelous ways.

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What to Know

  • Cotati Accordion Festival
  • Aug. 20 and 21, 2022
  • Performances, polka, the beloved "Lady of Spain" event

ACCORDIONS? The bellows-strong, aura-enhancing, mood-raising instruments add an atmospheric quality to so many of our important annual celebrations. You might hear the wondrous wheeze of an accordion in the background of a favorite Christmas carol, or while dining at a romantic eatery on Valentine's Day, and the 14th day of July? Bastille Day, both in France and in the United States, often summons the sounds of the accordion, as players visit local French markets, outdoor stages, and charming festivals to add a tantalizing touch of ooh la la. But the Golden State's most accordion-rich moment presses the keys near the close of summer, when numerous accordion-rocking pros, and the devoted fans who follow this timeless music, march into Cotati, in Sonoma County, for a weekend of whimsical wheeze-a-tude. It's the...

COTATI ACCORDION FESTIVAL, and it will bring the power of the bellows to La Plaza Park on Saturday, Aug. 20 and Sunday, Aug. 21. Popular artists and groups regularly return to this venerable celebration, and 2022 will see returning favorites like crowd favorites The Mad Maggies, as well as a host of other acclaimed acts. The popular Polka Tent is sure to be a draw over both days of the gathering, while the "Lady of Spain" event is one of the centerpiece must-sees (and must-hears) of the whole happening. Zydeco, too, receives its dance-ready due, so come prepared to tap a toe or two. If you purchase your ticket in advance? It's $19 for a single day or $28 for the whole music-laden weekend (there are other ticketing tiers available, so do peruse all of your admission choices before you go).

FOR ALL OF THE PERFORMERS, times, details, merchandise, and everything to know about this notable music festival, a playful, play-filled party that focuses on a single legendary instrument and its many considerable contributions to culture, visit the Cotati Accordion Festival site now.

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