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Admire Disney Sunrises From Around the Planet

Do you miss being at The Happiest Place on Earth at opening? You can dream of the day you return to a favorite park via a few cheerful pics.

Disneyland Resort

ARRIVING IN ANAHEIM... just as the sun is making its grand entrance for the day? It's a sweet, yawny, pancake-scented scene that many Californians have experienced. You haven't quite walked up to the gates to Disneyland park just yet, and you're in search of a bagel or a breakfast burrito or an orange juice somewhere around Downtown Disney District, but your excitement is already building. There's a whole day in front of you, one that will involve visits to your favorite attractions, and the consuming of dill pickles and Dole whips, and probably a photo with Goofy, if you and the affable icon cross paths. Morning holds a lot of promise everywhere, but that early-day promise seems to hold more anticipation when you're steps away from Space Mountain.

DISNEYLAND RESORT... just shared several uplifting snapshots, and the theme is full of just-after-dawn delight. You're looking at Disney parks around the globe, and what sunrise is like at each location. Shanghai Disney Resort's photo features beautiful clouds, while the snapshot from Hong Kong Disneyland features the sun peeking through. Even the Aulani - A Disney Resort & Spa, on the island of Oahu, is part of the pretty pictorial. Disneyland Resort is currently closed in response to COVID-19, but these start-anew snapshots can give fans the chance to dream about that first morning they'll return to the park, full of anticipation and plans to hit their go-to attraction moments after rope-drop.

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