‘Adopt' an Animal From The Living Desert

Help support the Palm Desert zoo while treating an animal-obsessed pal to something sweet.

The Living Desert

CELEBRATIONS? They've changed more than a bit, to say the least, since the start of the pandemic. Cheerful signs in yards, big balloons on front doors, and special social media shout-outs have become the way that we reach the people that we can't actually spend time with, for now. There are other ways to connect, from afar, and one of the kindest, for those who love critters, is to find a way to show that you know that your friend or family member is wild for wildlife. There are many organizations, several based in California, that would love your support, including a number of animal parks that offer "animal adoptions." Nope, you actually won't take a bald eagle home, to love, feed, and raise, but you will help the park, especially during this challenging time.

THE LIVING DESERT, which is staying open for guests, is a Palm Desert classic. You might know it as the place with all of those beautiful hiking trails, pathways that open when the weather cools down in the fall. Or perhaps it rings a bell for you if you adore Mojave Maxine, the famous desert tortoise that calls the park home (she emerges from her burrow each winter when spring in the desert is nigh). If an animal has especially captured your fancy, and won your heart, you can enjoy a "symbolic adoption," one that comes with a certificate, fact sheet, and photo (plus a plush toy, and/or other goodies, if you donate at higher levels).

WANT TO TREAT AN ANIMAL FAN... in your world? Or connect with a critter you especially adore? Start here, and "parent" a pretty bird, mammal, or reptile from afar.

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