Apple Season Begins at Several Golden State Orchards

Check ahead at your favorite spot, to make sure they're open, and be sure to observe any safety policies in place while visiting.


PLENTY OF PEOPLE... tease fans of pumpkin spice about their latte leanings come August, but the devoted PSL aficionados care not. They know that their favorite beverage is worth waiting for, as are pumpkin loaves, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cakes, and pumpkin teas. Everything pumpkin, in fact, seems to pop up all at once around the end of the eighth month, but the famous flavor has a crisp competitor in the apple, that other sweet star of the season. You don't even need to adore the cider side of things to crave caramel apples, apple doughnuts, apple turnovers, and the many slice-ready desserts that arise as September begins.

BUT KNOWING WHERE TO GO... for that fall-flavored doughnut? That's a key piece of information. You may find it at a bakery nearby, but if you're in the area of Apple Hill, there will be orchards, farms, and other destinations selling all sorts of appetizing apple-based bites. Something sweet? Apple Harvest has opened at Boa Vista Orchards, which is ripe with all sorts of stem-stopped, pie-ready fruits. You can find out which varieties of apples, and pears, too, are available now, and which ones will be debuting in the weeks to come. Wherever you head on the road, be aware of the pandemic policies of each destination you call upon, as well as the current California travel advisories. Even if you do delay your apple-focused jaunt, know that the caramel-iest stretch of the year will last for some weeks still to come.

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