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At-Home Adventurers Mark National Park Week

The National Park Service is putting "a focus on digital experiences in 2020."

NPS/Matt Turner

GOING OFFLINE? If you said that a year or two back, right before a road trip to Yosemite or Death Valley, your friends would have instantly gotten your meaning. You meant that you planned to leave your screen behind as you hiked that remote canyon, or found that hidden waterfall, or soaked up a sunset without a car sound around. But "going offline" while finding your park-based joy isn't in the cards right now, as we mark National Park Week 2020. The parks are closed to visitors, in response to the coronavirus, meaning we will need to stay very much online to find all of the history-amazing, leafy-lovely, bird-tastic gifts of our favorite natural and cultural getaways. For the National Park Service has put "a focus on digital experiences in 2020" for the special April week, which is going on now.

MILITARY MONDAY... is happening on April 20, while Transportation Tuesday follows on April 21. Earth Day? That's on April 22, as it is every year, and Thursday the 23rd will have a throwback vibe, so plan on plenty of decades-old photos, and facts, on your favorite national park's social pages. Friendship Friday, Park Rx, and Bark Ranger Day round out the event-packed run. And did you already observe Junior Ranger Day on April 18? There were plenty of happenings, including a virtual Yosemite campout for the young'uns. If you're hoping to share your own park adventures and memories each day, be sure to nab the tags you'll need, so other park goers can delight in your pics of the Channel Islands, Joshua Tree, or Pinnacles. Miss your parks something fierce? Here's your find-'em-again week, as you go online for the places where you go offline the best.

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