Aww Over Eggs on the Big Bear Eagle Cam

That's right: There are multiple eggs as of the first Saturday in 2018.

SPYING AN EAGLET'S FIRST HOME? As in, the egg in which a wee bald eagle first grows? Let's just say that, unless you have wings, or you're up on a peak, with some powerful binoculars, it isn't going to happen. For an eagle's nest isn't accessible, which is as it should be, for a baby bird needs some time, space, and safety to become a bigger bird. It's a very good thing, then, that there are cameras pointed at various nests around California, from Catalina Island to Santa Ynez to Big Bear, and they give avian mavens and all nature lovers a chance to peek in on the process. And, as is tradition around this point in the winter, that process is very much about new eggs. A peek last week revealed one egg in the Big Bear Eagle Nest, but the Institute for Wildlife Studies reported on Saturday, Jan. 6 that there are now...

TWO EGGS... to admire. Will you be looking in every few hours? Er, or minutes? You won't be alone. Keep in mind that there are a number of other live cams to admire while you check back and forth on the Big Bear eggs, with a couple of eagle cams from the Channel Islands, and one from Mt. Diablo, in addition to the Catalina Island cams, all making a sweet showing. If only you could have nine or so screens going at once, all to keep you in the center of the baby bird action. Need a peek at some Big Bear majesty now? There's video, with, yes, a hint of rain showing as the first big storm of the season passes through...

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