Balcony Concerts Are Rocking This Huntington Beach Hotel

Guests are enjoying socially distanced sounds on Friday and Saturday nights at Paséa Hotel & Spa.

Courtesy of Jovani Guzman @airabovephotography

THE DRIVE-IN? It is back, in a big way, and it is wearing several fresh hats, too. Movies are still popular, yes, but outdoor screenings of plays have popped up, too, as well as live and recorded concerts. The summer of 2020, which finds many people searching for ways to enjoy entertainment in physically distanced ways, has provided new inspiration to those people who plan live shows. And one of the quirkiest places to find this inspiration? Look to the hotel balcony, as in the outdoor space, the one with a chair or two and a small table, just a step outside of your hotel room. For sure, entertainment offerings at hotels have always been plentiful, and balconies have been employed in the past, giving guests the chance to watch movies projected onto buildings and see shows.

BUT BALCONY CONCERTS, like drive-ins, are also on the rise, and Paséa Hotel & Spa's "Safe & Sounds" series is now rocking out for guests on Friday and Saturday evenings. Cali Conscious was the first band to perform, and is pictured in the photo above. The stage? It's a roof on the property, situation below the rooms, with local musicians playing as they keeping a distanced stance. On the balcony? Guests can go with room service to enhance their show experience. The cost? The concert is part of your room fee, so no additional ticket is needed, though if you do order drinks or food from the kitchen, there is a charge. For more information, ring the hotel now to find out about rooms that face the pop-up stage and what you can expect from the Balcony Concerts series as August heats up.

Pictured: Cali Conscious

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