Bear Break Brings the Spring to Bear Mountain

The light-hearted, event-filled day combines the pleasures of winter and the warmer season.

SOME SNOW, SOME SUN, SOME SPRING: Is there a really good and descriptive term we can use for this particular time of year? The time of year where it is officially spring, but some wintry pursuits are still happening, and enjoying a bit of both is the happy order of the day? "Swinter" might work, though "Wring" doesn't have quite the same, well, ring. It's that week-long window, or perhaps it lasts for a full fortnight, where snow is still on the slopes but shorts and tank tops are start to crop up, here and there, not to mention lots of flowers and swimming pool days, too. Bear Mountain knows this time of year well, and, to properly pay homage to it, there's a spring-break-y event that's all about snow, sunshine, and good times. It's called...

BEAR BREAK, and it is bidding the month of March farewell on Saturday, March 31. It isn't just for college students, though there is a spring break-style vibe, and people who dig all sorts of retro, nostalgia-driven activities and games should join the up-the-mountain event. Tug-of-war is on the schedule, and ladder golf, and cornhole, and a mogul race, and a pond skim. Shall there be sounds to keep the snow-sunshine spirit lively? There shall be, from the Wheeland Brothers and Tomorrows Bad Seeds. A Best Dressed Contest rounds the day out, and "retro gear" is encouraged. If you've always liked the idea of spring break, but you're more of a higher peak kind of person, and less of an on-the-sand reveler, Bear Break could be right in your spring-break-ian sweet spot. It all begins early on the last day of March, at 8:30.

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