Big Bear Cycling Festival: Mountain Zoom

Numerous events, including Tour de Big Bear, will pedal through early August.

PINES, LAKE, SUN, FRESH AIR: When you're participating in a ride, you want everything to happily hum, from your well-aired wheels to your pedals to your gears to how the seat feels to the thousand other small, but ultimately not so tiny, details that fit like puzzle pieces into the ideal spin. But you're also hoping, as you roll at high velocity, that some of the stuff you're positively whizzing by will add to the experience. True, your eyes are ahead, but it is fair to say that a cyclist knows when he's pedaling by a skyscraper vs. rolling by a grove of fir trees. If tall trees invigorate your ride, and sparkly lake water, and charming mountain towns, best check your gears and find your lucky helmet, for the...

BIG BEAR CYCLING FESTIVAL... will be on the roads and feeling the wind over the first week in August 2017. There's a Community Road Ride and a Community Mountain Bike Ride, if you get to the San Bernardino Mountains hamlet early, as in the last weekend of July. On Monday? A pair of Tour de Big Bear "Altitude Acclimation Rides" will go down, er, up, rather, and all around, while Tuesday, Aug. 1 and Wednesday, Aug. 2 bring a variety of spoke-tastic happenings, including Cyclefest, an event for kids. A concert, a cycling expo, a poker ride, and lots more goings-on follow, including a ride clinic, while Tour de Big Bear takes to the pretty roads of the area on Saturday, Aug. 5. And on the 6th? It's the Recovery Ride, of course, to wind it all down.

EYE EVERYTHING... on the schedule before heading up to the village to get your bikely bearings, and decide what you'd like to join and what you'd like to cheer on. And, of course, prepare to soak in some of that high-elevation-y summer beauty, something Big Bear embraces so easily when July shakes the hand of August.

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