Big Bear Eagles Fans, Your Favorite Birds Have a Calendar

Take a "beak" ahead at 2021 with the new photo-filled planner, which in turns helps the Friends of Big Bear Valley's nature-supporting mission.

Friends of Big Bear Valley

FLOATING THROUGH THE YEAR... as lightly as a feather drifts on the breeze? Soaring above your days with an eagle-eye'd view of what's to come? Creating a nest to make the best of all the weeks still ahead? There are so many ways we can find inspiration in nature when it comes to facing the forward march of time. But what if we saw the concept of time not as a "forward march" but as something a bit lighter, say like a "forward flight"? We can find inspiration to do just that by looking to Jackie and Shadow, the two world-famous bald eagles that regularly alight near Big Bear Lake.

THE BIG BEAR BALD EAGLE CAM, the high-up-in-the-branches camera that helps all of us bound by gravity follow the real-life adventures of the duo, is a popular way to check in with the elegant eagles. We can view their eggs (when there are eggs to view), how the pair carefully feathers their nest (or layers it with big sticks, rather), and the other in-the-air escapades that regularly ensue. But what if you could keep an eye on the beautiful bald eagles via a cool calendar on your wall? You can, thanks to the just-released 2021 Jackie and Shadow Calendar. The calendars are $24 each, sales help out the Friends of Big Bear Valley in their nature-supporting efforts, and you'll be able to admire fabulous photos of the wing-rocking superstars through the rest of the year.

THERE ARE "A FEW REMAINING"... calendars, do note, so if you plan to order, flap, flap, flap by this page soon.

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