Road Trip

Bigfoot Days Will Stomp Back Into Willow Creek

The festival honoring the famous furry icon will return to the Northern California town in early September.



CALLING BIGFOOT? If you don't have his digits, that might be a problem. And, even if you do have his number committed to memory, he might have dropped his phone in a creek deep within the forest or left it behind on a tree branch. Your best bet? Joining the highly vocal Bigfoot Calling Contest in one of the Bigfootiest bastions around, Willow Creek. It's unknown if the legendary figure will be drawn to the people (creatively) calling for him, but those participating in the lark are likely to burnish their Bigfoot-summoning skills while also having a memorable time at an annual community celebration. That Sasquatchian celebration is returning to the Northern California burg on...

SATURDAY, SEPT. 4, 2021, giving Bigfootists and anyone making a redwood-cool road trip over Labor Day Weekend some sweet, small-town-y to-dos to enjoy. For sure, the already-mentioned Bigfoot Calling Contest is on the line-up of Bigfoot Daze, as well as a parade and ice cream social. Horseshoes, softball, and pursuits for the youngsters are part of the event, which is marking six decades in 2021. If you've long been intrigued by Humboldt County's most major and majorly hard-to-find resident, stopping by Willow Creek, any time of year, is a must. But if you can do so during its big Bigfoot bash? Cross that one off the bucket list, especially if your bucket list is themed to a certain on-the-move superstar of the NorCal woods.

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