Board the Spookomotive for a Quirky Capital Adventure

A vintage Sacramento train is taking riders through some of the oldest parts of the historic city, with a number of theme weekends ahead.

Kelly B. Huston

What to Know

  • Weekends through Halloween 2021
  • Central Pacific Passenger Station in Old Sacramento; $19 adults, $9 youths ages 3-17 (general coach)
  • Dress up for one of the Spookomotive's sweet theme weekends

ALL ABOARD: When was the last time you rode a train? Chances are good that you wore some sort of casual ensemble, jeans and a sweater, the sort of relax-along-the-way clothes that make any trip a comfortable one. Or if you were on the way to a business meeting, or work, you might have been rocking a proper necktie, a full suit, or something a bit formal. But did you wear a tri-cornered hat and shoes with big, shiny buckles, like a pirate might? Or a fabulous frock befitting a fabulous witch? What about your shiny superhero cape? Few of us have the opportunity to roll along the rails while wearing a whimsical get-up, the sort of costume that colorfully connects us to our inner villain, wizard, or princess. You can make that connection, though, by riding the...

SPOOKOMOTIVE, a vintage Sacramento train that takes fanciful families out on memorable adventures along the Old Sacramento Waterfront. Is your fam on the quirkier side? Oh joy: There are three theme weekends to go in October 2021: Pirates & Princesses is the ye olde vibe on Oct. 16 and 17, Witches and Wizards bring the spirit of magic on Oct. 23 and 24, and Superheroes and Villains will conclude the Spookomotive's annual run over Halloween weekend. Guests will be wearing their costumes, but so will the train cars; look for cobwebs, eeky sights, and the sort of details that say the hauntingest night of the year is drawing near. Oh yes: And "a tasty Halloween treat" is part of the experience, as well.

READ UP... on advance tickets, what you need to know, and more about this Old Sacramento gem. Are you and your Halloween-loving people visiting all of the holiday trains around the Golden State? Add this charmer to your bucket list, and make a plan to visit soon. For there are plenty of locomotives to board in this world, but a Spookomotive is a special thing, indeed.

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