Bodie Buffs, Send in Your Snaps for a Calendar Contest

Want to see your phenomenal photograph in the 2022 Bodie Foundation calendar? Get your greatest pictures in soon.

Tony Rowell

THERE ARE NO BAD DAYS... at Bodie, it's true, and while that might be a stretch to claim, fans of the remote ghost town know that an afternoon spent among the 19th-century structures is bound to be a great one. Add to the mix plentiful sunshine, fresh breezes, and the absence of city noise, and you have the recipe for an ideal outing. Likewise, it seems like only amazing snapshots are taken at the Eastern Sierra spot. There are about a million angles, or so it seems, and if you'd like to get the church in your frame, or rusting car, or the Milky Way, your set-ups are seemingly endless. What won't be endless?

THE TIME FRAME... for the new calendar contest from the Bodie Foundation. The group, which gives the Mono County destination support in numerous ways, helms this annual competition, which is all about photos that are truly the best-of-the-best. With Bodie? Oh goodness, they're all good, so anyone who enters will really need to pore over their photo files. The deadline is Feb. 7, 2021, "each photographer is limited to one winning entry," and you can submit your five favorites (but only up to five). Other important must-knows? All listed here. If your snap makes it in, you'll snag one hundred dollars and a quintet of calendars, giving you a few to hand out to your biggest fans.

AND IF YOU MAKE THE COVER? You'll still receive five calendars, but the winning amount goes up to $300. Find out more now, then begin to Bodie-up your world with a revisit to past vacations via your photo files. We bet you already know just the images you'd submit, for once you find the perfect angle at Bodie (and they're all pretty perfect), the moment has a way of staying with you. Call it the magic of being at the beautifully preserved, ever-so-still ghost town, out beyond the reaches of the busy-busy world.

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