Bodie's 2021 Ghost Walks Have Materialized

Seeking a spirited summer? This famous Mono County ghost town could have the open-air, gently eerie experience you're hoping to summon.

Tony Rowell

What to Know

  • Bodie State Historic Park in Mono County
  • 2021 dates: June 26, July 31, Sept. 4
  • $40 per person; general tickets go on sale March 30 (Bodie Foundation members can purchase on March 15)

BODIE, that silent (except for breezes), sunshiny (except for clouds), and serene (pretty much all the time) spot, is well-beloved for its daytime dally-abouts. You might saunter by the I.O.O.F Hall under the bright light of the midday sun, or check out the Boone Store and Warehouse while awash in warm beams, or take a few photos of the firehouse as the afternoon shadows grow long. But the opportunity to call upon the spectacular, structure-filled slice of California history as evening deepens? It doesn't happen very often, as any maven of the state historic park knows. But when the Bodie Foundation's annual Ghost Walks float back into view, as they do in the summertime, you can bet that you're looking at a sunset-spooky stroll, one that will delve into an eerier elements of the world-famous ghost town.

THE 2021 DATES ARE NOW LIVE, and the first of the three arrives just a few days after summer's start. That means that it'll still be bright-ish at 6:30 p.m., when the tour begins, but a distinct velvetiness, one lit by the sky's first stars, will fall over the 1800s mining town with each passing minute. Phantom-centered stories will be spun, and "living history" will reign, too, giving visitors a full and fantastic picture of the remote hamlet. And here's something lovely: "The park and museum store will be open for you to enjoy 30 minutes after the tour," all to further the Bodie-style enchantment. The upcoming dates? June 26 is up first, followed by the last day in July, and finally Sept. 4 is the last of the line-up.

A TICKET IS $40, and you'll be able to purchase yours on March 30 (if you're a member of the Bodie Foundation, your purchase date is March 15).

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