Book an Ojai Room, Help Thomas Fire Relief

Area inns are raising money to help fire relief through the Ojai Love packages.

PLACES CAN EVOKE DEEP EMOTIONS... in travelers, especially those places that so easily encompass the ideas of community, of creativity, of natural beauty, and of general good vibes. Ojai is one such lovely location in the hearts of many Californians, which makes complete and satisfying sense, given that the town has oodles of beautiful sights (hello, Pink Moment) and a vibrant, arts-loving group of residents, residents who warmly welcome daytrippers eager to do lunch and a stroll-through at Bart's Books. But nighttrippers, as in those travelers looking to stay over in the special town? They are plentiful, too, and if you count yourself among the Ojai overnighters, take note that a recently introduced program, one that is on through the end of March 2018, is helping those who book getaways also help those who've been impacted by the Thomas Fire. It's called...

OJAI LOVE, and how it works? You'll score "10% OFF our best available rate" at a participating hotel, and you'll know that "....a $10 donation per night will be made in your name to help those who have been affected" by the fire. On the line-up of inns playing an important part? The Emerald Iguana Inn is on there, and The Lavender Inn, too, and Caravan Outpost, Hummingbird Inn, and Su Nido Inn as well. Also? If you book through the Ojai Love program, you'll also receive 10% off at several eateries, wineries, and shops around town (and activities and happenings, too, like spa treatments, wine tours, and yoga classes). The list is as long as the Pink Moment is brief, though, really, if you situate yourself to soak in the celebrated nightly event, which happens when the sky around Ojai turns to blush, it doesn't feel quick at all.

IT'S A MAGICAL TOWN, one that supports those in the community in times of trial and reaches out to those who'd like to visit with a great give-back offer. So get in the pink, and find out what you need to know, at Ojai Love, a fitting name for a love-filled location.

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