Bottlest Winery Tour: Create Your Own Wine

Peek behind the scenes at "Santa Barbara County's largest winery," then take a one-of-a-kind souvenir home.

PERSONALIZED SOUVENIRS AREN'T SIPPABLE, as a rule. Sure, you can hang your keys from a souvenir that has your name on it, or wear a name plate around your neck, or put a personalized souvenir on your shelf, or stick one to the bumper of your car, but sitting down and savoring an individualized souvenir, quaff by gentle quaff? Not happening, generally. But many of us want a souvenir to stand out as especially and truly us, now and then, and if we are oenophiles, and truly love wine? It would be pretty nifty to have a take-home bottle that spoke to our quirky preferences. Bottlest Winery, Bar & Bistro in Buellton understands this urge, and "Santa Barbara County's largest winery" wants to help tour visitors make something especially memorable, and table-ready, to take home. And if that happens to be your own...

"PERSONALIZED BOTTLE OF WINE," well, wowza to that: That's going to be something you'll show to friends for a long time, or at least through the moment you finally drink it. The winery, which just threw the doors open on its "state-of-the-art wine production facility" to participants who'd like a deeper peek at how wine is made, is part of Terravant Wine Company. Terravant has " annual production capacity of over one million cases," which definitely puts its in the top-tier of sizable wine houses around the nation. So count on having a large selection of grape-rich flavors to draw from as you create your own wine via the new online Bottlest site. But will you need to wait by your mailbox for three or four weeks before you see your wine? You will not: Your bespoke vino will be ready for you to take when the tour wraps.

THE PRICE... of joining this interesting walk-through, which will also include the tasting of six different wines and information on how wine is made? It's twenty five dollars per tour goer, and that includes your dreamed-it-up-yourself wine. And two other good things about the sure-to-be-popular tour? You'll score a discount on the day of your tour at the on-site bistro, and on other wine purchases, too. 

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