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Buy a Winchester Mystery House Voucher Now, Visit Later

The eerie attraction is discounting its Mansion Tour fee. It's closed now, but vouchers will be good down the road.

Winchester Mystery House

THE NUMBER 13? It was a favorite of Sarah Winchester, the legendary owner of what might be California's most famous mansion. You can find the number in different ways throughout the rambling manor, including the home's 13 bathrooms and the various architectural elements that appear, you guessed it, 13 times in a row. And on any given Friday the 13th? You can usually find a Flashlight Tour on the attraction's schedule, as well as a bell-ringing ceremony at 1 p.m. (which is, yes, also known as 13:00). So it isn't a surprise that when there's a deal on a Winchester Mystery House voucher, the amount of money you are saving will be, wait for it, $13. As for the discounted voucher?

THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE... is currently closed, in response to COVID-19, but the team behind the San Jose attraction is looking forward to seeing guests again when it reopens. And to welcome those guests back? The famous house is currently selling those aforementioned vouchers, which can be used for a spot on a Mansion Tour, for $26 each. You'll be saving $13 on the tour's traditional fee, and your voucher will be good through May 1, 2021, meaning you can revisit at your leisure, once the gates to the spirited spot have again creaked open. (Or do we mean "creeeeaked" open?) Need a little Winchester visit pronto? There's an online tour that's live, giving people at home a chance to step inside the storied structure now.

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