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California Craft Beer Week Boasts At-Home Haps

Taprooms and breweries across the Golden State will have specials and giveaways, all to keep foam fans in the flavorful know.


What to Know

  • Through Feb. 21, 2021
  • A virtual beer and cheese pairing workshop and more events are on the roster
  • See if your local brewhouse has something in the works on this site

KNOW A TERRIFIC TAPROOM? Have you been keeping faithful tabs on it during the pandemic closure? You're not alone, for a flurry of social media posts, alerts, and emails have helped aficionados of a fine IPA stay on top of what brewers were doing, even while tasting events, large-scale festivals, and food-pairing parties were put on pause. Several Golden State breweries have offered curbside pick-up since the spring of 2020, giving supporters a chance to still enjoy well-made suds, all while offering support to a locally built business, too, when the business needed that support the most. If you're continuing to look for ways to show your local brewmaker you're ever-loyal, or you're seeking fresh suds-makers to get to know...

CALIFORNIA CRAFT BEER WEEK... is on the pour through Sunday, Feb. 21. A number of California craft beer houses are on the roster, and each has a little something different in the works. True, picking up beer to sip during some of the virtual goings-on might be a little tricky if you're not located in the same town as a place you'd like to get to know, but perhaps you can make a note to try out their ales next time you're in the area. Some of the 2021 participants include Freewheel Brewing Co. of Redwood City, Seismic Brewing Co. of Sebastopol, and a flight of other fine foam pros, so see if an old favorite or potential must-try is on the list. Thinking of future days spent exploring the sippable wares of a new-to-you brewery? Check out the hopsy happenings coming up throughout the week.

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