California Restaurant Month Is Full of Foodie Deals

It's happening through January 2020 in several Golden State cities and counties.

d3sign/Getty Images

WHAT WE'RE CURRENTLY CRAVING? We want it when we want it, whether it happens to be an egg sandwich topped with two slices of gooey Gouda or a cacio e pepe pasta or a crepe cake infused with Champagne. Simultaneously, though? We're on the look-out for a deal, a two-for-one, a prix fixe offer, something that can make our more decadent cravings feel right in line with our budget. And our budget is always at the top of mind come the start of the year, a time that traditionally follows one of the spendiest stretches of the calendar. That...

CALIFORNIA RESTAURANT MONTH... happens during January, then, seems to be something cosmic, or at least cool and cuisine-centric. And it is ready to roll out the deals and discounts again, throughout the first month, in various cities and counties and villages across the Golden State. So, you got it: You'll want to research the city where you live, or a place you're visiting, to find out exactly when the prix fixe goodness will flower. Newport Beach Restaurant Week is on the schedule for Jan. 13-26, while Carmel-by-the-Sea Culinary Week will get savory (and sweet) from Jan. 19-26. And in Calistoga? The deals are rounding out the end of the month, so be in the wine country hamlet from Jan. 26 through Feb. 1, 2020.

COULD YOU BOP... from burg to burg, while savoring bites on a budget? That's a dream of the most delicious sort, for sure. Dream big, or find an eatery or two, locally, that you'd love to try, then enjoy a multi-course lunch or dinner. Find restaurants, dates, and places at the California Restaurant Month HQ.

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