California Town Says Bigfoot Is Not, Repeat, Not a Resident

The city of Eureka released an official statement on the matter, after something odd was sighted in the city's Sequoia Park.


OFFICIAL STATEMENTS? The sort of straightforward, get-to-the-heart-of-the-matter releases that often originate with various agencies in order to address matters that possess civic urgency? You've likely seen a few in your time. And yet? We'll guess that the Bigfoot wasn't the central focus of, well, any of them. But when you live in a forested region that's rich in Bigfoot-based lore, and reports start to arrive that the world-famous legend has been spotted nearby, well, official statements may ensue. That's what recently happened when the city of Eureka put out the firm declaration earlier in January that Bigfoot wasn't spending time in Sequoia Park, a 70-acre expanse "on the outskirts of town."

THE BACKSTORY? A Sasquatch-esque snapshot taken in the tree-filled space had prompted various news sites to ponder if Bigfoot was roaming about the leafy area. Those images seemed to indicate that a mysterious form was crouching on a raised platform in the park. "It's a pretty big place, but none of our staff has reported anything," said Miles Slattery, city manager of Eureka. But there is something lovely to look forward to if the redwood-laden location is one of your favorite destinations: the Redwood Sky Walk slated to open later in 2021. The high-up-in-the-sky pathway will provide visitors a closer view of the breathtaking tree canopy, as well as a picturesque way to ramble from the woodsy area to the zoo.

BIGFOOT DAZE: But if you're blue about the Bigfoot non-sighting, and you count yourself as a longtime fan, there are whimsical ways to find furry connection. Willow Creek, which is about an hour's drive east/northeast from Eureka, is known as being the funky nexus of Bigfoot Country. There's even an annual festival, if reveling among other Bigfoot buffs is on your bucket list.

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