Food Festival

Carpinteria's Creamy October Kick-off to Soon Guac Our Worlds

Guac and rock, that is: Not only is the avocado the ultimate icon of the gargantuan California Avocado Festival, but live music is a star, too.


What to Know

  • 36th Annual California Avocado Festival
  • Oct. 1 and 2, 2022
  • "California's Largest Free Music Festival" will boast four stages and avo-themed treats

AVOCADOS? The beloved alligator pear is more often described as "green" and far less often as "golden," though the luscious, pit-big, bumpy-of-skin fruits definitely can have a gold-like hue. But actively associating these more-green-than-gold goodies with the Golden State? So many people do, and rightly so, for the avocado grows well in many California regions. You can see this in the numerous restaurants that offer avocado dishes on their menus — from avocado toast to classic Cobb salads — and you know the avo's iconic character by the fact that there are a few avocado festivals on the California calendar. But one of the tasty titans of the food festival scene has to be the party that pops up soon after autumn starts in Carpinteria, all to give green dreamers an assortment of avocado-themed comestibles and a caboodle of live shows to enjoy while devouring the dreamy, creamy delight.

LET'S CREAMILY DREAM ABOUT... the 36th Annual California Avocado Festival, a celebration that's billed as "California's Largest Free Music Festival." AvoFest's upcoming dates? We won't have to dream for long: It's all happening on Oct. 1 and 2, 2022. There will be four stages to savor the sounds of a host of acts — the Main Stage, the Seal Stage, the Guac & Grotto Stage, and the Kids Stage — and other attractions to bliss out over on a bright fall afternoon. The past decades have seen the rise of oodles of avo-oriented eats at the fest, with unusual dishes like avocado ice cream prompting buzz and a whole host of guacamole-themed offerings, each rocking their own character, attracting those who love to dip a chip. There will be plenty of piquant plates to peruse, ponder, and ultimately snack upon at the 2022 festival, but if you can't wait? There's a winning guacamole recipe up on the festival site now, one that includes intriguing ingredients like Trader Joe's Yuzu Hot Sauce.

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