Día de los Muertos

‘Casa Calaveras,' a Moving and Merry Installation, Returns

Artist George Newnam's spirited celebration of eternal love, a seasonal Southern California classic, is on view in Paramount.

George Newnam

What to Know

  • 15950 Paramount Boulevard in Paramount
  • Oct. 27-31 and Nov. 2-7
  • $5 adults, $2 seniors, $2 children, children under 5 are free

ENTERING AN ETHEREAL REALM, one that feels just beyond our reach, but also deep within our hearts, minds, and fondest dreams? There are many creative immersive experiences nowadays, but few art happenings can capture the emotion, joy, and beyond-the-veil vivaciousness of artist George Newnam's "Casa Calaveras." The venerable installation, a seasonal Southern California sight in late October and early November, has long beckoned revelers in the world of the moving love story of Gloria and José, the sizable skeletons at the forefront of this fantastical, meaning-driven presentation. It's an enchanting artwork that returns to the region after a two-year hiatus, with a flavorful location in Paramount.

FOR THIS WHIMSICAL WORLD... is on view at the Horchateria Rio Luna Art Gallery, a pastry shop specializing in classic Mexican goodies, frappes, and, oh delicious, horchata, too. And this is especially sweet: If you make a purchase, and that's anything found on the menu, from churros to agua frescas to pumpkin spice conchas, you'll receive a dollar off your ticket to "Casa Calaveras." The prices to enter this hue-bright, memory-deep show, a tale of otherworldly amour populated by beautifully rendered life-sized figures? It's $5 for adults, $2 for seniors, and $2 for kids (children under age 5 may enter for free). It's a colorful and uplifting way to connect with the holidays, and one of our area's most enduring Día de los Muertos tributes. For more information, visit this site.

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