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Catalina Island Museum's New ‘Titanic' Exhibition Debuts

The virtual event, which included a fundraiser in the fall of 2020, will now relaunch as an in-person exhibit at the Avalon-based institution.

Catalina Island Museum

UPDATE: This formerly virtual presentation will now launch as an in-person event at the Catalina Island Museum on June 19, 2021. For information on the June 19 open house, what you can expect while visiting the Avalon-based museum, and what artifacts will be on view, visit this site now.

Note that the museum is open to visitors Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Original story, published in fall 2020, follows.

THE MUSEUMS YOU TRULY ADORE? There are so many ways to connect with them, even as they remain shuttered, or partially shuttered, due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can follow regular updates on social media, or shop at a museum's online store, or join any from-afar events they hold. And one from-afar happening will pique the interest of people who are deeply affectionate about a certain Avalon-based institution, one that has featured a host of amazing exhibitions that honored icons like Esther Williams, Frida Kahlo, and, yes, "Jaws," too. It's the Catalina Island Museum we are rhapsodizing over, the Metropole Avenue go-to for great things to see, know, and learn. And on...

SATURDAY, OCT. 17, 2020, a new exhibition will debut, even as the museum's physical galleries remain closed. It's "Titanic: Real Artifacts, Real People, Real Stories," and people will want to check in with the museum for all of the virtual ways to connect with the fascinating show. What can you expect from the exhibition, which will conclude in February 13, 2022 (updated)? "The museum has worked with private collectors to bring together unique items from the Titanic for the first time since 1912 to explore the humanity of the tragedy and highlight moments of hope through individual stories from onboard the ship," a museum representative shared.

A VIRTUAL FUNDRAISER... will also happen on Oct. 17 from 6 to 7 p.m., with a silent and live auction, special guests, and a ribbon cutting (that's virtual, too). The benefit will help the museum, which has been closed for over six months, to continue to plan and hold excellent exhibitions. "As we look ahead on how to emerge stronger from these challenging times, we look at how much we miss the privilege of sharing positive experiences with our members, visitors, and supporters," said Julie Perlin Lee, Catalina Island Museum Executive Director. "The virtual event will allow us to reconnect with one another while also addressing the very real needs to financially support the museum at this critical moment so we can continue to celebrate and build the history and legacy of our beloved Catalina Island." Discover more now, and send love, across the water, to this marvelous repository of art, ideas, and history.

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