Citrus Fans, Savor California's Tangerine Tastes at Home

If you can't go to the citrus, you can summon the citrus to your own abode.


PLACING AN ENTIRE GROVE... inside your living room or den? This is not recommended, solely based on size considerations. Branches will poke out the windows, and trunks will block the television, and you'll need to scooch around all of the fruit-laden limbs to get to your kitchen. But you can bring the idea of a grove into your home, and, more importantly, a grove's bright and zingy flavor. For there are California growers eager to ship a box of peel-ready, zest-strong fruits your way, the sort of iconic orbs that taste like the Golden State in every bite.

HAVE A FAVORITE PLACE... to wander among the tangerine trees? If you've toured a fruit-forward destination in the past, you know the joy of learning that comes from such an informative visit. But, as we're sticking close to our own digs right now, do consider ordering a box of golden goodies from a favorite spot when they become "seasonally available." One of Ojai's venerable growers, Friend's Ranches, will begin shipping its juicy delights in the middle of January, with the Tasty Ojai Tangerines box up first. It could contain "... Clementines, Daisy, Lee Tangerines, W.Murcotts, Dancy tangerines, LeeXNova and Page mandarins and Ojai Pixies (when the pixies are in season)," so, for sure, you'll enjoy a vivacious variety. Other boxes available around the centerpoint of the first month include the Plain Jane and The January Bounty.

CITRUS MAVENS, consider reaching out, ordering, and showing your sweet support for a California grower as the new year arrives and the quintessential fruits of our region reach full burst-a-tude. There are other fine food makers, food growers, and food purveyors in the ever-verdant Ojai area, and you can get to know a few here. Dreaming of visiting one or all right now? Keep in touch from home via a tasty order or two.

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