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Coastal Cleanup Day Heads Home in 2020

The single-day event is now happening over four September Saturdays, and right in your neck of the woods, too.


PICKING UP A CUP... or bit of plastic while savoring a surf-close saunter? Every beach buff worth their salt, and love of salty air, knows that keeping our water-adjacent areas clean of debris is important. Not just for appearances, though visitors to a lake, stream, or the ocean do rather enjoy seeing the places they adore in a pristine state. We pick up trash to help local animals, and the health of the environment, and because keeping the sand free of bags, utensils, and other items means those items will not make their way into the water, where they may be out of our reach forever. There is even a...

SPECIAL DAY, EACH SEPTEMBER, when co-workers, friends, and families have come together to make a big push on the picking-up front. It's Coastal Cleanup Day, all across California, and it has traditionally taken place on the third Saturday in September. That's when grouped-up people headed out to a local waterway, all to provide some serious spiffy-up services. But because 2020 is quite the different year, and we can't gather together, the California Coastal Commission is changing up the give-back event, with a new twist: It's happening each Saturday in September, and participants are encouraged to visit their "local happy place" for a morning of de-littering, de-plastic-ing, and general clean-up.

"THIS YEAR, cleaning the coast will start at our own front doors," is the call to action, meaning you can tidy your street, your favorite neighborhood park, or another spot that means a lot to your community. There are safety tips, including social distancing, on the Coastal Cleanup Day site, as well as links where you can share that you're playing a part so organzers can stay abreast. As far as the Most Unusual Item Contest, the well-loved showdown that involves showing off something truly weird that was found along the way? That's still part of the scene, so fill out the form if you've come across some amazing and quirky trash.

ALL OF THE DETAILS... may be found here, clean-uppers. It's a different year, most definitely, but the animals and outdoors still need our kind and heartfelt help. Here's where to start.

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