Coaster Campout at Knott’s Berry Farm

Spend the night at the Buena Park theme park's Park Pavilion.

Knott's Berry Farm

FALLING ASLEEP NEAR RIDES, the kind of attractions and "wheeee"-ful things seen inside theme parks, is the sort of daydream that many of us had back when we were kids. The thought of a theme park overnight was akin to having a late-night adventure in the mall or library, solving mysteries like they do in books. In short? A slumber party inside a ride-packed wonderland seems straight out of fiction. Surely it could never happen beyond the page, or the screen... surely? Oh, but it can, and it shall, at a historic theme park located in Buena Park. You've heard of it — it's Knott's Berry Farm — and you know that the destination, like all theme parks, traditionally bids its guests goodnight when a certain hour on the clock arrives. But that hour will not arrive for guests of the Coaster Campout, a stay-the-night experience scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 26. You won't need to sleep in the Ghost Town — that might be too eerie — nor atop a roller coaster. Rather,

FAMILIES ARE INVITED TO CAMP... at Park Pavilion. A campsite is $250, and up to four people may join. What's included, beyond the oh-so-cool chance to go night-night at Knott's? Park admission (to Soak City, too, as well as Knott's Berry Farm), and entertainment, and a wake-up call from Snoopy himself. You'll also be able to chow down on a continental breakfast on Aug. 27. The best part of the campout? All the proceeds will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of America. There are a number of points to study up on, as far as when to arrive, parking (one free parking is included), and other good pointers. So before you pack those jammies, and wonder what a theme park's vibe is in the wee smalls of the morning, best read all of the information. We know, that whole Snoopy wake-up call can understandably catch your fancy, but there are other times and to-dos to get up on. Intrigued? Need one final summer family outing? Know your Knott's need-to-knows.

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